PullString launches all-objective intelligent conversation platform


As the automated, intelligent conversation settles into its function as a key marketing channel, a variety of chatbot authoring platforms have created their entrance.

This week, a new one promises to be “the most complete conversational computing platform accessible.” The …

How to Add Real-Time Communication to Your Current Marketing and advertising Stack

Let’s feel back to the early days of social media for a moment, and how it impacted our advertising.

Not only did it bring the possible of massive free of charge exposure, it radically increased transparency as effectively. Each very …

5 Ws of the sharing economy: How social data offers marketers a competitive edge

ss-sharing-shareNot long ago, when you needed a ride in your city, you’d contact a cab — totally unaware the industry could offer you another choice. When you had been booking a place to keep for an upcoming trip, your mind …

Sagmeister & Walsh create badges to inspire millennials to vote

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a presidential election coming up in the USA quite soon, and it’s turning out to be one of the most contentious and divisive campaigns yet.

Never ones to shy away from sticky subjects, Sagmeister …

What is Information Quality and How Do You Measure It for Very best Results?

We’ve talked a lot about data good quality in the past – including the expense of undesirable data. But regardless of a simple understanding of data quality, many people nevertheless do not very grasp what precisely is meant by “quality”. …

Advertising Day: Google updates Penguin, interview with Siegel+Gale’s CMO & more

Here’s our recap of what occurred in on-line marketing right now, as reported on Marketing and advertising Land and other places across the web.

From Advertising Land:

  • Facebook acknowledges discrepancy that had overstated a video view metric
    Sep 23, 2016