Amazon’s EchoSim lets anybody talk to its voice assistant, Alexa


Customers who are thinking about buying an Amazon Echo, or its sibling devices Tap and Dot, can give it a attempt at

It’s a browser-primarily based simulator that only needs an Amazon account once logged in, anyone (with a …

How to Retain Your Customer’s Interest All through the Onboarding Process

Onboarding never ends.

Some SaaS teams could strategy onboarding as an activity - a a single-time event for every customer.

Nonetheless, it is time to alter your point of view. Take into account onboarding as an ongoing process that continues …

Be inspired by this nonetheless life with an unsettling twist

Still life with an unsettling twist: Morbo

Buenos Aires-based studio Six &amp 5 functions at the “frontier zone” among art and design and style. Specialising in still life with a twist, founders Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini develop bold, surprising visuals with an unsettling edge.

Take Morbo …

Facebook plans to close LiveRail ad exchange to concentrate on Audience Network


Facebook is winding down LiveRail, the video ad tech business it acquired in 2014.

In 2015, LiveRail started to power ad serving for all in-app advertisements on the Facebook Audience Network — launched in 2014 to target ads to Facebook …

Energy up your website with a WordPress Kind Plugin solution. Refer a buddy and get CaptainForm discounts


There are numerous methods you could improve a WordPress internet site. 1 of them is by adding internet types.  A WordPress get in touch with kind will assist you get in touch with your visitors, a WordPress feedback type or

How To Use Net Promoter Score to Increase Retention and Drive Reviews for Your SaaS Solution

You know that customer retention is critical for any company even more so for SaaS. If you preserve clients about, they preserve paying you. Churn price should be one particular of the most important metrics for any SaaS company.

Though …